Weekend in London Itinerary

Weekend in London Itinerary

September 07 2016

Only got a weekend in London? Follow this itinerary and you will get a really good feel for the city and walk away with a smile :).

I decided to also add a really cool picture of the London Shard I took while landing into London City Airport. I’ve been meaning to share it somewhere, so why not now.

Shard while landing into London City Airport
London Shard while landing into London City Airport


The aim of this itinerary is for you to get a feel for London, see the main sights, and get some history in as well. I’ve assumed that the itinerary starts half way through Friday then continues through Saturday and Sunday.


Day 1, Friday afternoon – Grab yourself a meal at Borough Market then take a stroll down South Bank past the Globe Theatre.

Day 2, Saturday – Buy a Big Bus ticket and bundle it with a London Eye ticket, get off at all the main sites especially Tower of London Big Bus(spend 2 hours there and purchase an entry ticket). However if you dont want to spend the money on a bus tour you can select one of the free self guided walking tours of London instead, it can all be found on Traveloris (our last post on London also has a detailed walk in it).

Day 3, Sunday – Go to Greenwich Park and have a look at that area it’s really nice, then for bit of an experience either go to the Churchill War Rooms or the London Dungeon. From there go to the National Museum in Trafalgar Square and take a glimpse inside, use this time to also walk around the area; Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Covent Garden – these are also great shopping areas.

You’ll have a blast, try and go to the theatre or for a drink in Notting Hill Arts Club (it’s a quirky bar in a nice area) on one of your evenings.

You can get the itinerary here to edit.

With Traveloris its so simple to just tick the things you want to see and put it into a plan that makes sense. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and have a great trip!




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