More Visitors. Seeing More, Doing More.

Traveloris has spent years perfecting their AI algorithm to create the most user-friendly holiday planning experience. And now we want to share that technology with fellow Aussie travel companies to help them supercharge their existing platform. By integrating Traveloris with your platform, you’ll give your users an experience they’ll want to share.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Traveloris has created a platform that enables travellers to see more and represents your attractions in the best possible light. It transform the dreaded holiday planning into an exciting part of the trip without cutting any corners. The end result is a personalised itinerary with your branding. This solution comes with a lot of benefits both for your business and your travellers:

Help your customer see more attractions and support more businesses
Grow your community and provide a tool for your travellers to collaborate on
Gain Insights and Analytics on what your travellers want
Wow your customers with an experience they’ll want to talk about

The integration process is seamless

We have an amazing team of designers and developers ready to listen to you.

The process for integrating Traveloris with your platform is easy:

  • Work with our designers to agree the branding and styling you want
  • Our developers will customise the platform to your needs and provide you with a link to embed
  • Add the link anywhere on your platform
  • You will be given admin access. You can manage attractions, users, and your landing page, as well as gain insights and analytics on your travellers preferences
  • Receive training and support

From your users perspective, your platform has just been supercharged.

To get a better idea of what a Traveloris Enterprise Solution would look like for your business, get in touch and lets tailor a solution for you.

What you get from the Traveloris Enterprise Solution

A unique travel planner branded in your colour. You’ll always get the latest features with no extra costs

Your customers receive a personalised travel booklet with your branding

We maintain transparency with no hidden costs

Traveloris is a platform that enables collaboration and grows your community

Our team of developers and designers listen and respond to your needs

Free training and upskilling to get your business running

Ready to stand out? Let’s connect.

Get in touch and let’s arrange a time to discuss how the Traveloris Enterprise Solution could benefit you.