Welcome to Traveloris

Welcome to Traveloris

August 24 2016

Welcome to Traveloris

I am a firm believer that travel broadens the mind – experiencing new cultures, tasting new food, seeing new sites, it’s all a part of it, and I love it!

Yet the biggest pain of going on holiday is creating your very own personalised itinerary, it’s extremely complicated and time consuming! Or at least it was – the answer to stress free holiday planning? Traveloris.

I wanted to create a website that truly overcomes the stress of holiday planning, however, the tough part was keeping it simple without losing functionality. After all, if it’s not really easy to use, it doesn’t solve the problem.

Let’s wind the clock back a few years to 2012 when I was going on holiday New York. I was given the painstaking task of creating a travel itinerary for the 10 days, here’s how I tackled it:

  1. Research, endless hours of surfing websites with little to no consistency, reading blogs, looking at top 10 lists, and figuring out what events are on. Eventually I had a final list of things to doWinding Arrows
  2. More research and more time wasting, why? Well, I knew what I wanted to see, but when are things open? How much do they cost? Where
    are they located?…… I’m sure you get the point
  3. Build some kind of a plan based on where attractions are, when they are open etc. This was like a puzzle….a really, really tedious puzzle that
    contained zero fun
  4. Go back and book things

Eventually my holiday plan was finished and pretty robust (just don’t change anything!).

This experience gave me the idea of creating a website that does all your holiday planning. the challenge? Keep it simple while leaving you with all of the control and none of the stress.

I start developing the website with the hope that it’ll take 3 months, 12 months later Traveloris went live. The task was a lot more challenging then I had anticipated and yet the result is so simple and effective.

What makes Traveloris unlike any other travel website? Easy, you say ‘I want to see this, and I want to do it at this time’ by click and dragging attractions into an interactive scheduler, while in the background the website calculates the complicated stuff:

    • How much time to spend there
    • Its location
    • Times to avoid due to attraction closing hours
    • How to get to the next attraction based on your chosen navigation
  • The cost of your trip based on what you want to see and how many people are going

To make things really easy for you, all the listed attractions have been researched and hand picked as you would if you were going on holiday. The end result is an ultimate travel tool that ensures you experience more!

welcome to traveloris
Stunning view of Sydney from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair lookout

So now that you know why I developed Traveloris, I’m going to keep you up to date by writing regular blogs about the website, its progress, and new features that are on the way. This is also a good opportunity for you to use the comments box below to tell me if there is anything extra you would like to see on the site and your thoughts of Traveloris in general.

As I get the hang of blogging I’m also going to share some of my holiday experiences with you, including travel tips and top attractions. Until then, happy holiday planning.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get planing! Click Here to start.




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