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You don't have to go any further than Traveloris to create the perfect trip, here's why:


With Traveloris you can create your perfect trip from one place.


Our researched and handpicked attractions means all you have to do is select your favourites!


Our Unique Interactive Scheduler takes away the stress. Navigation, cost of trip, length of visit… We’ve got you covered!


We’ll build your stunning itinerary for you! Which you can access from your mobile device.

To create The Ultimate Trip Planner
we had to start by selecting the best attractions
and tours. We spoke to locals, talked to travel experts,
read blogs, reviewed itineraries, and personally visited cities so
that we could hand-pick our attractions with confidence. From Markets to
Museums, and Fun Activities to Tours, you choose from the best, not from a
a random list of 1000’s.
Choosing the right attractions is only the beginning. What makes us truly unique is how our Interactive Scheduler has been integrated with Google Maps. We take away the pain of holiday planning by giving you a visual snapshot of where things are, sorting out the navigation, recommending the length of visit, indicating opening hours, as well as calculating the cost.
However, unlike most online itineraries, you are in complete control. Simply select your favourite attractions and then click and drag them into our Interactive Scheduler. After all, Traveloris is designed to be intuitive and simple with no wasted features.
As a final touch, you can book your holiday and retrieve your personalised itinerary...
for free. So, regardless of whether you want to use
Traveloris as a London Trip Planner, a Paris Trip Planner, or to
plan a trip to any other one of our cities, we’re here to ensure
planning the perfect trip is a fun and easy part of your holiday,
and ultimately, that you experience more.
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The New York Pass

I planned my trip to Paris using Traveloris. It saved me time, money, and a heck of a lot of frustration!

Their hand-picked attractions make planning your perfect trip extremely easy. Traveloris really is the perfect Paris trip planner, I’ll be using them again.

Julie Beckers, Travel Blogger,
A Not So Young Women Abroad

When I went to London, Traveloris made planning my trip really easy and stress free! I absolutely love their click and drag scheduler.

Traveloris is the best London Trip Planner and thanks to them I saw and experienced things I wouldn’t have otherwise. Awesome work!

Tom Poland, Happy Customer

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