#5MinOfTravel – Where in the World is Nina

#5MinOfTravel – Where in the World is Nina

May 10 2017

#5MinOfTravel – Where in the World is Nina

If you’re looking for travel tips, destination guides, or perhaps you want to learn more about working abroad, then Where in the World in Nina should be your first stop.

My favourite part about Nina and her blog is that’s it’s not about ticking off cities and countries, it’s about experiencing the locals life and sharing it. Nina tends to spend long amounts of time living in a country and using it as her base to travel around the area…that’s smart.

Another great thing that becomes obvious very quickly is that Nina is a great writer! Her stories are informative yet entertaining which makes them really easy to read and get stuck into. Plus, it’s all been broken down into a really really easy to navigate blog which is a big bonus.



Check out these awesome blogs/pages on Where in the World is Nina:


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