#5MinOfTravel – Straight On Detour

#5MinOfTravel – Straight On Detour

May 06 2017

#5MinOftravel –  Straight On Detour

Straight On Detour was co-founded by Becks and Prue back in 2012. What we love about them is that they don’t travel to blog like a lot of travel bloggers. Their blog is simply a true reflection on their experiences, Prue describes their blog as their travel diary. The good, the bad, the ugly, the troughs and the peaks, the highs and the lows….you get the point.

In other words, their blog isn’t about promoting cities/attractions or inspiring people to travel, it is purely about informing you of their experiences which we think makes this blog rather unique and interesting.

We were lucky to get some time with Prue, so check out this great interview with her:

Some of our favourite blogs from Straight On Detour:


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