The concept of a favorites button isn’t new by any means, what I really want to show you is the impact it has when combined with Traveloris. This new addition basically brings all the websites features together and adds a whole new element of user friendly. The way our favorites feature works is simple, you just scroll through our hand-picked list of attractions and select the ‘star’ button on the attractions you want to see. By doing this you are adding them to the favorites filter, which when selected gives you a complete overview of where everything is that you want to see!

From there it’s simple, you straight away know what attractions to go to on what day and to save yourself a LOT of travel time.

I’ve included the short video below that explains it a lot better, check it out!

What’s also useful is that as long as you are logged into Traveloris, you can select your favorite attractions and when you can come back at a later time Traveloris will have remembered them, pretty neat!

(I’m still getting used to doing screen casts, so sorry if I am a bit fast/slow during the video)




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