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At Traveloris we want every holiday to be a great experience, whether you are looking for an adventure, want to relax, or soak up some culture - we make the dreaded holiday planning Fun and Easy!

There are endless websites telling you about all the different things to do but there’s very little consistency between them so getting all the prices and opening hours can be time consuming and frustrating - this is where Traveloris swoops in to save you from holiday stress.

Traveloris simplifies this process with a few easy but powerful features!

All attractions on Traveloris are well researched and hand-picked, giving you the best to choose from across a variety of categories. And even better, all the information is presented in a consistent format! Whether its opening times, cost, how much time to spend there etc. We do the research and keep it up to date so you don’t have to.

The interactive scheduler makes planning fun while giving you full control. Just click and drag what you want to see and everything including navigation is done for you. No more getting lost.

All you need to do is choose what you want to see!

Budget management is also included: choose your currency and the number of people going and each time you add an attraction we will update you on how much your trip is costing you - easy!

Basically, the only thing Traveloris can’t do, is control the weather (a fellow Loriser found out the hard way in Rio).

Jokes aside, this is a genuinely easy to use website, and that’s not a coincidence because everything we do at Traveloris is based around simplicity. We only include features that add value to your experience, so that you can plan your holiday in the shortest, and most fun way possible.

Become a Loriser today and let the holiday start even before you step out the door.

A bit about the name ‘Traveloris’ – ever heard of a Loris? It’s an endangered animal found in South Asia. They are captured, tortured, and sold on the black market. We want to help save these animals from cruelty and by doing so work towards preventing them (and endangered animals in general) from becoming extinct.

We welcome any feedback and encourage you to share ideas you have about the website.

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